The most … stolen cartoon!

Since I put my site online and created several galleries of cartoons, some drawings have been taken – obviously without asking for permission. Searching on the net, both with Google and with the Tineye service, I discovered which cartoons were used in various sites: as avatars in the forums, in online flyers, in blog articles, etc.

A few years ago, in the Feltrinelli bookshop in via Orlando in Rome, I found my caricature of Dante Alighieri printed in a sign for the Poetry section. Each section of the library had a drawing, almost certainly taken from the web without their authors’ knowledge.


A friend told me that his dentist had cut out my cartoon created for the magazine “Il Mercatino del Collezionista” of the Golden Italian publishing house and had hung it in his studio.

The most … popular cartoon

It’s the character of Brother Tuck. I found it often on the net, in very different ways. Someone had also deleted my signature.

Maybe few people know that pictures are not “on Google”, but on their respective sites. Google does nothing but show the images on the sites. Before taking an image it is polite to know if there is a copyright on the drawings or on the photos.

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