Renew your cartoons’ portfolio

When I talked about the cartoonist’s portfolio (I mean a series of cartoons’ gallery as portfolio) I mentioned my need to show visitors and potential customers the latest cartoons drawn and published. In the first versions of my site, static and not easily updatable, the older cartoons were more visible. You had to go to the bottom of the page and click a couple of links to watchnew cartoons.

If I had left my portfolio of cartoons in those conditions, you could have thought that:

  • the site was abandoned, or at least neglected
  • the cartoonist had no longer drawn any cartoon

When I designed the new version of, I decided to renew my cartoons’ portfolio. Although I have drawn only few cartoons in the last years, I had, however, new cartoons to show online.

The new cartoons are better than the past ones

This is my problem: every time I finish a cartoon, the day after I’m not satisfied anymore. I prefer the last cartoons drawn compared to those created years ago.

I save a few of them, which I put in my portfolio.

The style and technique of the cartoonist can change

All my old cartoons were inked with felt-tip pens and colored with Pantone markers: that’s why those cartoons are no longer valid today, that I no longer use that color technique. I left some of them, but they are no longer representative of my work. The cartoons drawn between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s were instead colored with pastels and chalks.

The style of drawing changes too, during the time, so it’s good to renew own “cartoons fleet”.

Showing customers the latest cartoons created

Renewing the galleries of your cartoons allows you to show online your latest works.

Today, thanks to the site created with WordPress, I can add or remove cartoons as I want, easily and quickly, and create new thematic galleries.

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