The poster of Pinocchio

The poster of Pinocchio

In 2002, when the Pinocchio movie by Benigni had just been released, in Italy there was what I called the “Pinocchio fever”: a lot of merchandising about Pinocchio character. In a perfumery I even saw a trousse with the Collodian character.

In those years I worked for a little publishing company near Rome. They produced many kinds of gadgets. I drew cartoons and characters for some products, maybe for lighters, too.

The publisher contacted me on the phone and asked me for a Pinocchio poster. He wanted to sell a “big pencil” of the character in the newsstands, but the pencil had to be attached to a paper product. And so the idea of the poster.

He asked me a big drawing, in A2 format, i.e. 42×59.5 cm. The double of the A3, in short. The delivery was urgent, within 3 days. Too soon, for me. So I said thanks and refused the proposal.

«I overpay you», he said me, then. I even thought about it for a couple of seconds. Finally, I accepted the work. And he overpaid me, as promised.

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