The best paper to draw cartoons

When I started drawing cartoons, just for personal pleasure – but hoping to make it into a profession – I was a middle school kid and used simple sheets of lined exercise book. I even drew a comic story on those sheets.

I remember that my main concern was just the paper to use. In 1989 I drew a series of comic strips on my characters, using light Fabriano sheets: they were not suitable for Indian ink.

Cartoons colored with Pantone markers

When I knew the Pantone markers, for my cartoons I used albums created specifically for those markers: Letraset albums, 50 gr / m2.

They were semi-transparent and very light paper sheets and I could only color on one side. I sketched the cartoons on sketch sheets and then traced them over the Letraset ones: they were so delicate that I risked ruining them by deleting and redrawing.

Cartoons in water color

I drew some cartoons coloring them with watercolor pencils and watercolor markers, using watercolor albums, of course. I got along well with the “Artistico” 100% cotton and “Watercolours Studio” albums by Fabriano, both 300 gr / m2.

Cartoons inked with Indian ink

And what about cartoons drawn in Indian ink? For me the best are the Winsor & Newton albums, the “Smooth Surface Cartridge Pad”, 220 gr / m2. In reality they are not quite smooth, and I prefer them like that.

I also felt good with Bristol paper.

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