An online cartoonist’s portfolio

When I started creating websites, almost 20 years ago, I decided that, as cartoonist, I had to have a site too.

The idea was very simple: before the Internet the customers of Rome contacted me and I showed them my portfolio of cartoons; with a site, on the other hand, customers from all over Italy would have seen my cartoons online; translating it into English, customers from all over the world would have seen them.

The first versions of my site were very artisanal, sparse, until I learned the HTML code well and I managed to create a good site, with beautiful graphics and above all easier to navigate.

Creating an updatable gallery of cartoons

However, my site had a problem: it could not be updated quickly. Every time I had to create a new page in HTML for the last cartoon, then edit the cartoons’ gallery page and upload them both online.

The old cartoons, however, were more visible than the new ones, so I created a gallery for the 2008 cartoons, one for the 2009 ones and one for the new cartoons.

I have recently decided to remake the whole site with WordPress, which allows me to create new content quickly, but above all to get galleries of cartoons that I can easily update.

Create a catalog of cartoons divided by topic

Some cartoonists, who have produced hundreds of cartoons over time, have divided them by topic, publishing a real catalog of cartoons online.

I think it’s a good idea, if you have drawn hundreds of cartoons. I’ve drawn so many cartoons, but I tend to no longer appreciate my old cartoons, so for now I will not publish any catalog.

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