A new design for my cartoonists website

New design of cartoonist site

Since I decided to publish online my portfolio of cartoons, my site has undergone several changes. The first version went online on January, 2 2002 and was very simple, because my knowledge of HTML and web graphics was very limited.

After several restylings, I found a design that satisfied me and I kept it for many years. In the third last version I created several galleries of cartoons: 3 galleries for the more recent ones and 2 galleries for the cartoons of 2008 and 2009.

A dinamic website for my cartoons

When I started drawing cartoons again, I decided I had totally to rethink the site. The previous versions were in simple XHTML, but for the penultimate I used WordPress, buying a responsive graphic theme (visible, that is, even on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets).

A static site could no longer be managed to publish my cartoons: I had to manually create a page in HTML for each cartoon published and then, always by hand, edit the gallery page to insert the new icon to link to the last cartoon. A hard work!

Thanks to WordPress I do nothing but create a new post, like this one, and insert a new cartoon. In the control panel, then, I open the cartoon gallery and upload the cartoon. Result: time saved in managing the entire site.

A more flexible and functional cartoons site

The first theme purchased had several problems and seemed too rigid and limited. Finally, I decided to buy another one, this one, which immediately seemed more functional and flexible than the other.

It has many more features, I can create landing pages to advertise my cartoons services and structure them as I want.

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