My comic dream

Since I was a child I followed the dream of becoming a cartoonist. At an early age, I drew caricatures and strange characters.

I remember a story too. Maybe I was doing the middle school or even the elementary school. At that time in one of the very few TV channels – I don’t remember which, maybe it was RAI, maybe not – there was a competition for children: the creation a comic superhero.

I drew it – but I don’t remember the name anymore – and I secretly called the number of the TV channel. Shortly my parents saw a representative coming to our home to take my drawing. They took it well, luckily.

During the middle school, I created dozens of characters, drawing them on paper striped sheets of a copybook: each one had a personal story and everyone were a part of a sort of a superhero world. I was influenced by the Batman TV series.

Between ’94 and ’95 I sent a lot of Lupo Alberto and Cattivik comic pages to Macchia Nera publishing house. I assaulted the assistant by calling her many times, but I did not obtained anything, so I gave up.

At the age of 30, I joined a course of drawing and comic technique: I needed to change air, to know other people. I had studied but I had not found a job as a cartoonist.

Woody Allen

I fell in love with Schulz’s Peanuts, I thought well to emulate them and I created a gang of American children. I needed a name for the main character, so I began to browse some volumes of “The Fifteen” at the bibliography section, in order to understand a name here, a surname there that, together, could work fine.

I don’t know which strange kind of syllables combination there was, but while I was browsing through my mind, I thought the words “Woody Allen”. Only some days after that, I discovered that name was the one of a famous film director.

At my excuse, it must be said that at that time (first years of ’80), as a high school boy I was really absent-minded and I didn’t care about cinema, TV, music etc. I used to live in a graceful state of mind, filling my head with fantasies of all kinds.

The strips didn’t start, except for some sketches and character studies. I found those drawings recently: forget about seeing them.

No comment

He was a bearded man, with a cylinder hat, and a really elegant person, that at any question answered “No comment”. I sketched a couple of strips, but nothing more. It was always in the 80s.

The hairy beings

Gli esseri pelosi

For those characters I had chosen an unreadable name. It is about an imaginary realm, ruled by the monarchy, and populated by weird hairy and bald-headed characters with a big nose and a big size.

First drawn comic strips are without a date, but I suppose they come from 1989. There were 65 strips in all. I drew them again from the base in 1994, and I interrupted them in 1995. The second version stopped at the strip number 58.



Fall in love with Sturmtruppen by Bonvi (the army that spoke a mix between Italian and German), I’ve created a comic strip of prisoners who spoke a mix of Italian and Spanish. But it’s not clear in which period of time the stories were adapted nor I decided if they were Spanish or South American prisoners.

I wrote only some text but limiting drawings to some scribble on scattered sheets. We were at the end of ’95 and the beginning of ’96. The texts of the first 3 boards are dated 26th January 1996.



It begun with episodic comic pages, instead of strips. It was in 1996. The 11th August 2000 I began to draw comic strips, which I interrupted at 8th, that one remained less than a pencil sketch.

In 2002 I redid them again, interrupting the work again at the 8th strip, and even that remained less than a pencil sketch…

I continued them in 2016, interrupting them again, but this time at 24th.

The man from Shangai

It’s the agent 008 of Chinese Secret Services, with features that recall Ten from the Nick Carter comics by Bonvi. They were episodic comic pages, but I only drew just one, that which I never found again. We were at the end of the ’90s.



Created between February and March 2001. He is a middle-aged man, with a cynical attitude, who loves to drink beer and always in conflict with his wife. This reminds me of Reg Smythe comic strips “Andy Capp”. But my strips were definitely at a lower level.


At the beginning, I named it Scruffy, but later I chose Molfred and in the end I called him Remo. It’s very beautiful to have clear ideas.

Mangialafoglia Inspector

Ispettore Mangialafoglia

It was the 27th July 2002, and on a piece of sketch paper I sketched a strange group: Malafoglia Inspector, police commissioner Alcide Lascarpa and Mrs Teresa. Except for a coloured cartoon of the Inspector, I have not realized anything of the trio.

Dodo the panda


This character was born on the 12th September 2004, but I wonder for which reason I started to study it. Greeting cards? Cartoons?



A character created during a dream at night between 12th and 13th September 2004 (the day after the born of Dodo), of which I wrote texts for various comic strips. He was an agent of Italian Secret Services, awkward like a few others.

What does it mean “created during a dream?” It means that I dreamed to create a comic character, and as soon as I woke up, I sketched it before I could forget its features.

Striscia 004

I started drawing a couple of strips in 2004, then I started again from the beginning with the 1st and then agent 004 ended his adventures.

Baby Kid

The hypothesis of a comic strip about a kid that did all kinds of troubles started and ended on the 22nd October 2004, when I drew the character. The strip’s idea was beaten by the lack of ideas about what the heck I could have drawn about that.

The Talking Wall

The Talking Wall

A comic strip entirely realized on PC, with the use of Corel Photopaint, Illustrator and Photoshop. The talking wall emulated writings on walls for the purpose of making satire. There wasn’t anything else, as you can see: only walls of bricks and a writing.

I drew about one hundred of them. We were still in 2004. Some strips were published by the satire magazine «Par condicio».

Desert cowboys

Desert cowboys

Satire comic strips about the Iraq war. Drawn in a one-page comic story, they were in colours (at those times I was using Pantone markers).

I wrote text for 17 comic stories, but I drew only 3. I was still in 2004.

Bartolomeo: scene of life organization


For HXO, I created a corporate comic strip, that the company sent by newsletter. Texts were delivered to me by a manager and I had to “dramatize” and draw it. Between 2005 and 2006 I created 5 strips and after that, the collaboration ended.



In 2010 I created a strip about a vegetarian carnivorous plant. It is called Flo, it’s in a vase and interacts with other plants and insects that fly by it.

I drew only 3 strips, inking them with a marker and painted on PC.

The cave men

I cavernicoli

Created in 2012, this comic strips died immediately after its birth. I drew the first, then I redid it from the start and I sketched the second. And then I abandoned it. It was drawn using a nib and painted on PC.

My dream about comic still goes on…

Or maybe I should call it “cartoon dream” because I have always considered myself more of a cartoonist than a comic artist. The difference? Rarely I have drawn real comic stories. I remember a couple of those about Cattivik which I wanted to send to the publishing house who published it, with some one-page stories about my characters on it.

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