Mina and Celentano Copy of the CD cover “Mina Celentano”

Between the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999 I made a copy of the cover of the CD album “Mina Celentano”, released in May 1998.

I liked the idea of turning the two artists into Disney ducks and so I chose that cover illustration to reproduce and coloring it with Pantone markers.

I remember that to help me with the work I drew a grid in the paper, also reproducing it in some way on the cover of the CD, to put objects and characters in the same position. My drawing was larger.

I studied the colors to remake them with the Pantone, the TRIA model by Letraset.

Mina and Celentano: copy vs. original

Cartoon on Mina and Celentano

CD cover of Mina and Celentano

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