The charm of hand drawing

New technologies had brought innovation in drawing’s field too. And so in comics. Online we can find many comic strips entirely realized on PC. Personally, I don’t really like them, I think they lack in personality and they are cold, boring, and ugly to see too.

They focus on the line, at the disadvantage of the drawing aspects. But comics, the sequential art, it’s about text and drawings, together.

Regardless of that, I have never liked technology at service of comics, and I know that I’m a bit on the contrary, considerating that my drawings are published on a site.

Okay, then let’s say that I have never liked technology at the service of the execution of drawings.. I use “ancient” tools, like paper, nibs, ink and rulers, because for me drawing is based on a direct contact with those tools, each of them with an important and specific function.

Computer graphic has made other tools useless: today we don’t even need paper and pencil, we can immediately draw on PC thanks to the graphic tablet. Or we can draw with pencil and then color with Illustrator or Photoshop.

For me, it’s very difficult. I have tried sometimes drawing something on Illustrator, but I really don’t like it. I’m hopeless (and awkward) at drawing with that program. The only technological findings that I often use are an Epson scanner and digital halftone screens. And WordPress for publishing the drawings.

Please, don’t take away from me the pleasure to sharpen a pencil, or the pleasure to smell wood and graphite scent, the metallic noise of drawing papers detached from the album, the light rasp of the pencil on the paper and the more intense one of the nib that passes by the same lines. And on top of that the nice scent of the rubber and Indian ink.

Don’t take away the satisfaction felt when touching with my hand my drawings, the feeling of touching them. The virtuality is far away from the reality. A handmade drawing it’s real, tangible, it doesn’t need electricity in order to be seen.

All of this is anachronistic, I realize that, but I’m an anachronistic cartoonist that tries to survive an increasingly virtual world. But I can’t find any inspiration in front of a computer screen, while a paper sheet and a pencil boost my creativity.

Since I was a youngster I used to draw on everything I find, once even on a big envelope in which my father kept documents. He told me that he wondered why sometimes on the bus someone looked at him in a strange way. Then he noticed the skulls that I had drawn on that envelope.

Even the school bench was like a sheet of paper too for me, it became something like a mural at high school. A caricature of a schoolmate, drawn in a clumsy appearance and with a turtle body, was not liked by him, that didn’t take it well either.

Hand drawing allowed me to relief myself, to distract and relax. To make a joke of my classmates and teachers. To lock ideas, to study cartoons and illustrations. The charm of hand drawing brings me back in time, to my childhood and to the childhood of art.

Does it seems little to you?

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