Cartoons with caption

In magazines such as the italian “La Settimana Enigmistica” (a crossword puzzles and rebus magazine) we are used to seeing cartoons with the joke at the bottom, in a caption. Also in foreign magazines are cartoons with the caption.

Usually it’s a joke, just a line to make sense of the illustrated cartoon. Sometimes, more rarely, we read question and answer in a caption of a couple of lines.

4 reasons to publish cartoons with caption

I don’t know why humorous cartoons without speech bubbles were born. I thought of one (or more) of the following reasons:

  1. Target audience: perhaps it was a question of the public, of the magazine’s average public age. People unfamiliar with reading comics would have found themselves more comfortable reading a caption.
  2. More value to the cartoon: without the speech bubbles, the illustration in the cartoon gets value, because no element is covered by balloons.
  3. Uniformity of the cartoons: each cartoonist writes the lettering in his own way, using different characters from the other cartoonists. A caption, put by the graphic, would have made the cartoons homogeneous, although drawn with various styles.
  4. Readability of the cartoons: with the captions there’s a unique character for everyone and above all it’s readable. Some lettering is too “handmade”, to put it mildly.

My only cartoon with a caption

So far I’ve drawn just a single cartoon with a caption … as I said, I always found it more spontaneous to draw cartoons with speech bubbles. But I plan to study some of them to be published with captions.

Cartoon with caption

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