Cartoons for collectors’ magazine

Since december 1999 to 2008 I drew cartoons for the magazine “Il Mercatino del Collezionista” (The Little Market for collectors), published by the italian publishing house Golden Italia Editrice. The publisher found me on the roman job magazine “ Porta Portese”. I sent to this magazine my job announcements as a cartoonist.

He said me that Giorgio Cavazzano, an italian famous comic artist, created some cartoons for their magazine, but his comics job did not allow him to continue the collaboration. So, as a novice cartoonist, I was happy to replace a high-sounding name of Italian comics.

There were cartoons about collecting topics, such as stamps, phone cards, coasters, labels, mignonettes, sugars sachets, etc.

Every month I went by train to Casal Bernocchi, a village near Rome, to deliver my cartoon and get paid.

Cartoons for collectors’ magazine “Il Mercatino del Collezionista”

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