Cartoons for business

Cartoons and comic characters are often used to attract public’s attention: funny pictures break the monotony and improve communication, they make it even more immediate.

A cartoon can be a valid communication tool and finds applications in many commercial and business contexts. Let’s see some of them.

Cartoons for brands, events and corporate identity

The first two ideas that come to my mind are cartoon logos and mascots: humorous characters to represent a brand or as a testimonial for an event, a product or a service.

  • Cartoon logos: you know the cartoon logos, just think of logos of Pringles, Ghostbusters, WWF, MailChimp, Monopoly and many others.
  • Mascots: a mascot represents a product or a service and can advertise an event. It’s a humorous character – like the little man with the mustache of Lavazza or the Linea by Lagostina – who becomes the main witness of the company or its products.

Examples of famous cartoon logos

Marketing and advertising cartoons

Marketing and advertising industry often take advantage of cartoons in their campaigns. A promotional campaign can use humorous cartoons or comics and strips to convey a message, as well as in advertising we find comics and cartoons created to advertise products and services.

  • Marketing: an example of marketing cartoons are the ones made by Jacovitti for the energy-saving promoted by Esso.
  • Advertising: for example the beautiful drawings by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991) for Esso Marine Products or the italian adventures of Toro Farcito for Girella or Jacovitti’s comics and cartoons made for Eldorado, Simmenthal, Negroni, Telepiù, Isolmant.

Cartoons for marketing: Jacovitti for Enel

Cartoons by Jacovitti for Enel

Cartoons for advertising: Dr. Seuss for Esso

Cartoons by Dr. Seuss for Esso

Cartoons for paper products

We are used to see cartoons and comics on paper. With the exception of comic books, produced for newsstands or comic books shops, there are other paper products in which the cartoons are placed.

  • Flyer and posters: one of my first collaborations as cartoonist was the realization of some cartoons for flyers for a clothing store in Rome. Recently, for charity, I created a mascot and a flyer for “Io, domani”.
  • Postcards: cartoons for postcards (greeting cards, but also promocards) are an idea to take advantage of. We can say that cartoons find an ideal field in the postcards.
  • Greeting cards: the same about cartoons for greeting cards. Cards for birthday and holidays and various events have always been required.
  • Wrapping paper: there are a lot of gift wrapping paper with the most famous comic characters, but, at the same time, you can make cartoons for custom gift wrap.

Cartoons for gift paper with Peanuts

Educational and informative campaigns cartoons

In the education and social campaigns sector, cartoons have a highly respectable place and appeal to an audience of any age.

  • Informative campaigns: the comic character Lupo Alberto, created by Silver, for example, has been used for campaigns against AIDS.
  • Slide and PowerPoint presentations: a cartoon is a support for the text, especially in corporate slides or PowerPoint presentations, which can bore you in the long term.
  • Children books: cartoons and funny illustrations to facilitate the learning are used in pubblications and school books for kids.

Cartoons with Lupo Alberto for the HIV’s informative campaign

Cartoons of Lupo Alberto

Cartoons for the Web

Cartoons are often used even in the online world, and today we see them every day. Cartoons and humorous characters are widely used in newsletters, blogs and social media.

  • Newsletter: you can send a newsletter enhanced by a cartoon or even create a comic strip for your mailing list.
  • Blog posts: cartoons for blog articles are an added value, as they not only capture the audience’s attention, but also stimulate their curiosity.
  • Social media: have you ever thought about cartoons for Facebook or Twitter covers? Or even cartoons for original content to be published on social networks?
  • Avatars: and what about comic characters as avatars on social media?

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