Cartoonist job Drawing cartoons for work

My work experience as a cartoonist: drawing cartoons and humorous illustrations for magazines, companies, publishing houses, websites and individuals.

A wedding cartoon

Gift cards or cartoons to the bride and groom for their wedding is certainly an original idea: original because it’s a commissioned drawing, so it’s unique. This cartoon has been…

Beeing a cartoonist in the pre-Internet era

Working as cartoonist before the web. Looking for a cartoonist job with job announcements magazines.

Informatics and technology cartoons

My collaboration with, drawing cartoons for the informatics and technology blog One Comics.

Cartoonist available…

My first experiences as cartoonist: from job advertisements in the newspaper “Porta Portese” to the first customers.

Drawing greeting cards

My first experience as a greeting cards drawer for a publishing house: cartoons for birthday cards.

Humorous drawings for resin figurines

Humorous characters created for silver resin figurines.