Cartoonist available…

… for publishing and graphic design, full or part time job.

This was the message I wrote in the job announcement to be published in the Roman newspaper “Porta Portese” in 1996, maybe in summer.

At that time there was no internet in Italy – or at least there were few people with a connection at home – and there were not many ways to be a cartoonist. So, after reading countless job announcements, I wrote mine and kept that message for several years.

In January, 2 2002 I put online this site and after a while I stopped posting job announcements, as I got drawings’ requests from the web.

I have had many contacts in Rome, from the most diverse companies: characters or cartoons on soccer, animals for ceramics plates, decorative objects, greeting cards, cartoons for magazines.

I wrote in the ad “cartoonist“, so I could give immediately the idea of the kind of drawings I could make, even if I received requests for something different, too.

A year later, with the same announcement, I was contacted by Parsons International Ltd, a company that produced, imported and exported promotional items. They were looking for a new employee and they wanted someone who could draw. I had an interview and I was hired with an open-ended contract. Good times.

Thanks to the contacts I got with those job announcements as a cartoonist I could have a good experience. Although not all the interviews were successful, the work carried out allowed me to perform a great variety of drawings, not just cartoons and humoristic illustrations.

When the web came into the italian houses and my website was born, I have rarely published the job announcements, until I stopped completely: now the contacts came from all over Italy – and sometimes even from abroad.

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