Car magazine cartoons

In 2003 I received an email from the art director of a famous italian car magazine, “Gente Motori”, that was published by Rusconi and then by Hachette-Rusconi. She was looking for a cartoonist on Google and found me.

They needed funny cartoons for their articles. She gave me the phone, asking me to call the editorial director.

In that time the director of “Gente Motori” was Enzo Caniatti, unfortunately passed away recently. I remember him as a nice and correct person, as I have never found during my collaborations.

Car magazine cartoon

He explained me what he needed and then he asked me the cost of the cartoons. Stressed by dozens of customers who horrified my (low) prices, I answered him 30 euros per cartoon, to grab the work in an important magazine like “Gente Motori”.

How much”?, he asked. Before I got exasperated, certain I was dealing with another client who wanted the drawings almost for free, he added: “I pay you 100 euros”.

And he really gave me 100 euros per cartoon.

Car magazine cartoon

So, I drew cartoons for the magazine and, then, for a motorbike magazine too, “Tutto Moto”. The collaboration went on for a few years, from 2003 until 2007.

My cartoons were published in the articles written by Valerio Staffelli, about little-known Rules of the Road. One of the last drawings was a strip that was to serve as the headline of the blog “Tutto Moto”, in which I made the caricature of Enzo Caniatti.

It was a very nice collaboration. I remember that the director kept me two minutes maximum on the phone. A few words were enough to make me understand the cartoon he asked. He was always satisfied by my drafts and answered my emails with a simple “OK” or “Go”.

Car magazine cartoons for «Gente Motori» and «Tutto Moto»

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