An illustration, compared to a comic strip, represents a drawing more elaborated, more detailed, more complete. Therefore, a bigger task, because in the illustration the important task of representing and explaining a concept, a theme, a context is entrusted.

It is based on the study of the ambient that we need to represent, to reproduce, it needs various preparatory sketches in order to achieve a harmony between imagination and reality, and between the artist and the idea.

Funny illustrations

A funny illustration fits perfectly the tastes of adults and children, find its space in different uses and fields, because it generates curiosity and hilarity, putting the customer in a comfortable mood.

Advertising illustrations

An advertising illustration makes a product or a service more captivating and desirable, it discards that sense of seriousness in order to reduce distances between the seller and the customer.

Illustrations for publishing industry

An illustration for publishing industry finds great applications in the field of publications: posters, playbills, illustrations for books for children and boys, guides, etc.

Illustrations gallery