A comic can be an excellent tool for communication. It’s a story, short or in a strip form of a unique page and self-contained or more complete, made on many pages.

It’s mostly about communication. Communication for entertainment, but also for marketing operations. Comic stories are written and designed with the purpose of promoting events, initiatives, services, products.

The history of comic and advertising it’s full of examples of comic pages and cartoons made for transmitting promotional messages, to capture clients attention, to recall the memory of a product or of a service.

How a comic strip or a comic story is born

Stripes and comics are born from a base idea, from the theme and the concept that we would build up and narrate, through the union of texts and images.

A comic is a way of communication using images. Images have to be well studied and elaborated because the entire communication is based on them, they bear the entire project and so the success of the story.

Preliminary sketches and studies made at the table are necessary for the good success of a comic.

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