The realization of a comic strip starts from one basic idea, from this base it follows the draft, in other terms the fast sketch on paper in order to lock the idea on it.

After that, I have to define better the figures and complete the drawing in all its details, then retrace it with an ink nib. At last, after a high-resolution scan of the drawing, I’ll paint it with Photoshop.

The realization of comic strips takes advantage of preliminary studies, focused on satisfying the real needs of the customer and representing the scene in the best and most impactful way. Cartoons are like little illustrations, so you have to draw them carefully.

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How a comic character is born

A comic character is born in the same way as the comic strip, starting from an idea. Inside the idea, there is the character personality and its physical and behavioural traits.

A sequence of sketches representing it in various stances and facial expressions, in order to study every single aspect. With a model sheet, there will be a full 360° degree vision of the character.

The making of comic characters then follow the same idea as comic strips; an accurate study to understand the right position, and a more coherent expression, based on its function.

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